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Black Pearl Lagoon

Ahe is a small atoll between Manihi and Rangiroa that exudes authentic Polynesian charm. Ahe is the quintessential Polynesian destination.

"You feel like you are on your own private island"

Known for its stunning interior lagoon, Ahe is an ideal destination for fishing, snorkeling and diving enthusiast. The stresses of the world melt away when you come to Ahe and settle into island life.  Dotted with picturesque pearl farms, this is one of the most dynamic atolls in the Islands of Tahiti.  Visit a pearl farm and learn all the secrets of this amazing activity while discovering the passion and respect the islanders have for this heavenly, but fragile environment.


 "The stresses of the world melt away when you come

to AHE and settle into island life"

Black Pearls
& Adventure
1 Hour 55
from Tahiti
8 hours
from Fakarava
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