Dream Island

Located southeast of Rangiroa, Fakarava is home to the second largest lagoon in the Tuamotu Atolls. Fakarava means « beautiful » or « making things superb », meaning everything is as beautiful above as it is under the water. The flow off water in & out of the lagoon at the passes create exceptional crystal-clear water & a diverse ecosystem. This is why Fakarava’s atoll is a bucket-list dream destination for scuba divers.

“Fakarava is Mother Natures Ultimate Sanctuary”

Pristine Pink Sand beaches, Coral Gardens, Cocconut Crabs & Mini Motu’s are all on the treasure map to be discovered in the south. Fakarava is the ultimate destination to test the onboard water toys. Cycling adventure to an active pearl farm & free dive for your own pearl!

« t’s Beauty pulling you like a Magnet »

Diving & Pink Sand Beaches
2 Hours 15 from Papeete
24 hours from Tahiti


The Island of Pearls

Manihi conjures castaway dreams. It’s as though you’ve arrived through a time portal into an impossible tropical fantasy. Far from the modern world, the Mana spirit thrives around the crystal-clear lagoon that is the site of Tahiti’s first black pearl farm. The crystal clear waters are blessed with all the right attributes to produce the rich hue characteristic of the black pearl.

“Manihi is a Natural Jewelry Box for these Precious Gems”

Leisurely water activities like snorkeling, fishing & Kayaking are all ultimate past times here. Diving the lagoon, you can encounter manta & eagle rays. Sink your toes into the sand or below the surface & swim amid the underwater pearl & coral gardens, feel the sense of calm knowing that very few people have had a similar experience.

« Dreams of a Deserted Paradise become a Reality »

Get your feet wet
15 min from Tahiti
2 hours from Tahiti


Black Pearl Lagoon

Ahe is a small atoll between Manihi and Rangiroa that exudes authentic Polynesian charm. Ahe is the quintessential Polynesian destination.

“You feel like you are on your own private island”

Known for its stunning interior lagoon, Ahe is an ideal destination for fishing, snorkeling and diving enthusiast. The stresses of the world melt away when you come to Ahe and settle into island life. Dotted with picturesque pearl farms, this is one of the most dynamic atolls in the Islands of Tahiti. Visit a pearl farm and learn all the secrets of this amazing activity while discovering the passion and respect the islanders have for this heavenly, but fragile environment.

« The stresses of the world melt away when you come
to AHE and settle into island life »

Welcome to Paradise
40 min from Tahiti
9 hours from Moorea


Pink Sand Island

Tikehau, which actually means « peaceful landing, » you will find nothing but absolute serenity on her calm and graceful shores. This oval shaped lagoon formed by a series of motu featuring white and pink sand beaches is a genuine natural pool opening to a small pass called Tuheiva.

« Encapsulate the Meaning of Going off the grid »

Divers are consistently enthralled by the amazing marine life where eagle rays, schools of barracudas and tuna, grey reef sharks, marine turtles and dolphins like to play. The appeal here is the enormous population of colorful fish. Tikehau also hosts elegant resorts, for some onshore dining experience.

Tranquility & Pink Sand Beaches
55 min
1 hours


The Endless Lagoon
Rangiroa is quite possibly the world’s most immense natural aquarium. Blessed with an accessible yet secluded appeal and a large abundant lagoon, this renowned destination should be at the top of every eager diver’s list.
1 Hour
1 Hour