Tailoring Your French Polynesian Dream

French Polynesia offers more than stunningly beautiful images of a distant tropical paradise . . . after all, we’re not just Polynesia, we’re French. 

3 Simple Steps: Imagine, Share, Design


We at Tropical Serenity are only limited by your imagination. So, imagine a perfect tropical vacation, focusing on your personal preferences and desires. No one else’s trip but yours. And don’t forget delicious food, exotic culture, and captivating landscapes, or the multitude of outdoor and indoor activities. It’s up to you to decide what types of memories you take home, experiences of a lifetime to share with family and friends.

Next Steps to Your Own Adventure…


Share your expressions with us. We’ll explore possibilities, tailoring them to meet, or exceed, your most superlative South Seas fantasy.


Appreciating your sensibilities, we’ll encapsulate your French Polynesian dream trip within a customized itinerary. Et voila, it’s that simple.

As you board Superyacht, you enter a stress-free zone. Forget all those appointments and meetings and get ready to realign your mind and body. Our Superyachts offer one of the most luxurious things; free time. Make the best use of this time by focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing. Unplug yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life and get ready to tune in to nature. Take time to meditate on the deck while looking at the sun appearing on the horizon or use the onboard gym to relax those stressed muscles. Let your soul take deep breaths while running along those sandy beaches.

French Polynesia is a piece of heaven on earth. Get ready to soak in nature and experience life upfront and close. Our team is ready to organize a custom itinerary so you can make the best use of your holidays. Charter one of our superyachts and experience French Polynesia in its truest colors.

Our exotic tours are tailored, keeping in mind your unique needs. If you plan a holiday trip with friends and family, we make sure that you make memories. Holiday with family in French Polynesia will be an experience of a lifetime. Get a chance to watch Dolphins play in the Tiputa Pass and go coconut crab hunting on the South Motu. From super fun onboard activities for people of all ages to unique on-shore attractions, we make sure you go home with cameras filled with photos and hearts filled with love.
For all the risk-takers and daredevils, thrill-seekers, and sports enthusiasts, we offer experiences that will make their adrenaline go crazy. Get a chance to drift dive and snorkel in the ideal currents of Avatoru Pass and Tiputa Pass. French Polynesia has an endless list of exciting possibilities for those who seek adventure. So get ready to hop on a chartered superyacht with your sporting calendar and check all the boxes of your ultimate sporting bucket list.

Nothing matches the luxury of spending a romantic weekend with the love of your life. Vacationing in French Polynesia can be a life-changing experience for couples in love. Secluded beaches, enchanting sunrise and sunsets, endless blue lagoons, quietness of the mountains and magical beauty of Bora Bora Mountain will make you fall in love all over again. Walk hand-in-hand on the Pink Sand Beach near Hirifa, kiss under the starry nights, and enjoy candle light dinners in shallow waters at Havaiki Lodge and wake up to Rangiroa’s endless horizon. On-deck Jacuzzis, onboard spas, and secluded corners in main living spaces offer much-required intimacy. For romantic getaways, choose a yacht that offers the most exclusive bespoke facilities for couples.